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Christian Environment

Quality Education
Agape Christian Academy was founded in 1983 and obtained
model school status with Accelerated Christian Education in 1991.
We use the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, where the
student is able to learn at their own pace.

(For more information on Accelerated Christian Education visit
their website at

Along with a quality education, we also work on building the
character of the student. Most people agree the thing that brings
success in life is character. The most important part of character
is making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. John 15:5 says "for
without me you can do nothing."
Billy C. Moore
Senior Pastor
Ruby Lee Moore
Bob Middleton
At Agape Christian Academy "No Child Is Left Behind" Every Student  
is tested and placed on their level of performance. If there are gaps in
their learning we are able to go back and fill in those gaps without
repeating an
entire grade. The student progresses as he grasps the concept of
what he is studying and not until then.

If a student promoted without understanding what he or she is
learning, he or she will experience a steady decline in grades and
attitude, and will most likely drop out before they graduate. Our
country is rated 18th in the world in education right now. According to
A.C.T. Magazine, only 23% of those that graduate from high school
are ready to begin college. It is our goal at Agape Christian Academy
to change this, one child at a tim It is our goal at Agape Christian
Academy to change this, one child at a time.

Our curriculum is Bible based and God centered. The first step to
change is understanding that a loving God has created you for a
purpose, you were not an accident that just happened with a bang.
Since God has been taken out of our children's lives, we have seen a
steady decline in the character of our children.

God makes us new creatures, he does not just put a band aid over the
problem. Making Jesus our Lord will help turn this country into a nation
that loves God.  We want every student to know Jesus and to be a
living example for them and to teach them that Jesus is not a religion,
He is the way of life.
Weekly Chapel
National Day of Prayer
Food for the Food Pantry
Toys for Mexico
Supervisors give students
individualized help as needed.
Our  Honor Graduates are ready to pursue their
education at colleges and universities in preparation
for careers of their choice.
Another aspect of character is learning to give back and looking out for
more than just me. This year our students gathered Christmas toys for
children in Mexico. We also reach out to the local community by having
food drives for the local food pantry and also volunteering time on
Saturdays to help distribute food.
Another way of giving back is learning to pray for our country and our
local and national government.   God says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my
people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and
pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear
from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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School Supply List
As a model school for A.C.E. we also compete in
Regional and International competitions. Our events
include track and field, archery, basketball, and
volleyball. We also have academic competitions such
as Bible Bowl, PACE Bowl, and spelling. Students
compete with other A.C.E. students from all over the
world, such as: England, Russia, Australia,
Canada,China, Philippines and Japan.
Rallies are held every night of the competition
giving the students the opportunity to receive
Jesus as their Lord.  Students are also given the
opportunity to be a part of a mission trip.

It is a great time for the students to build
longlasting relationships with students from other
Christian schools.
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Southern Plains Association of Christian Schools