La Vernia Christian Teaching Center
Pastor Billy C. Moore's Testimony
I recall the early years of my life as very difficult years. I was born during the
depression  in 1929. My parents were divorced when I was three years old. By the
time I was eight years old, I was shining shoes and selling newspapers on the
streets of Houston, Texas
where I learned the ways of the world at an early age.

Dope was not a problem in that day, but I picked up bad habits such as cursing  
and petty theft. I learned to pick up cigarettes from the street curbs and gutters and
also learned about the facts of life, how to survive, how to make a living, and so
much more.

My mother later remarried and we moved to the country north of Houston. There I  
ran with a better group of boys. We did some farm work and had less time for
However, I remember a Sunday when a group of boys gathered for a hunting trip
and one boy had an old shotgun that didn't have a trigger. You had to pull the
hammer back and then let your thumb slip off the hammer to fire the shell. While we
made preparations for the trip, a friend of mine playfully pointed the old gun straight
at me and said: "I think I'll just go ahead and shoot you and save the hunting trip."  
We both thought the gun was unloaded but as I pushed the barrel away from my
midsection, my friend's thumb slipped off the hammer and the 12 gauge shotgun
went off.  I felt the wind as it passed my side and I knew I had escaped death but I
didn't give this much thought.

A few weeks later a very close friend of ours went hunting with another buddy, who
was using the same gun. While our friend walked in front of the boy, he raised the
gun to shoot at some birds.  With the gun about mid-way of our friend's back, his
finger slipped off the hammer killing our friend instantly.  After this I knew my life
had been spared.

At the age of 16 World War II had just ended so I tried to join the armed services
but was not accepted because of my small size.  I then joined the Merchant Marines
and went to Corpus Christi, Texas.  While on a tanker, during a bad storm with
hardened old seamen singing "Nearer My God to Thee", I became very seasick.  
For two days I was almost out of my head and didn't care to live.  The ship was
bucking hard and I had gone to the stern and climbed on the guard rail.  A fellow
sailor came and pulled me off and asked me if I was trying to commit suicide.  
Immediately a huge wave swept over the ships stern and I knew again that my life
had been spared but I still gave God no credit.  I was to busy living my own sinful
life. I wasn't even trying to get ahead like most young people. We speak of "cursing
like a sailor". Well, I think I could have taught the sailors a few things about

I didn't go to high school but I was educated in sin.  After a few years out at sea, I
got a job with a construction company that took me to the town of Lytle, Texas.  At
the age of 18, I married a girl and we later had three children. Being an alcoholic, I
didn't have much time for a family.  I found myself closing up a beer joint almost
every night of our eighteen years of marriage.  We both lived in sin and didn't raise
our children as Christians.  

Just before the birth of my third child, I got a job as a line construction man. After a
Sunday drinking party, I went to work in Hondo, Texas.  While changing out a
voltage line there, I came in contact with 2300 volts which passed through my body
and came out at my hip.  I woke up in a hospital with a doctor saying: "If he makes it
through the day, he will live."  A few hours later that same day, I was sitting on the
hospital steps waiting for the line crew to pick me up.  They couldn't believe it was
me.  I still wasn't giving God any praise for what He had done.  On our way home we
stopped off at a beer joint.

Soon after this, I went back to heavy construction mostly drilling foundations for
bridges. One of the jobs brought me to the little town of La Vernia, Texas where
they were putting a bridge over the Cibolo Creek. While in La Vernia, I met my
future wife, Ruby.  I started going with her and got divorced from my first wife.  We
could no longer get along and didn't want to. The divorce didn't solve any
problems.  I  just had more freedom to do as I pleased. I loved the night life and all
that goes with it including hillbilly and western music. There aren't many places
between here and Arabia that I did not visit or played music in. Even thou I now
knew the drinking habit was going to ruin another good relationship I never got a
grip on myself.  

I went to Arabia as a Crane operator.  Money was good and I thought I would level
off but again I ran into the same problem of drinking and more time to drink.  Ruby
wrote me to tell me that she had been reinstated in her church. That didn't mean
much to me but it sounded good.  When I came back to the states, I found her to be
a changed person so  I thought I had a chance to level my life. I attended church
and thought it was good, since I had never belonged to anything religious. I could
sit there comfortably with the best
of them. But going to church didn't change my life. The membership alone didn't
give me the satisfaction I needed.  I hadn't given my heart and life to Jesus Christ
and I had not been born again.

During this time, Ruby and I were married.  After five years of not missing a Sunday
service, I still had my sinful habits.  My wife owned a restaurant in La Vernia, Texas
at the time and our friends would meet there on Sunday afternoon and have beer
and a
fellowship party.  One Monday, after a good drinking spree, I realized we hadn't
really received Jesus Christ.  We were just hypocrites and I was leading them all.

One day, as I drove to work, I poured out my heart to Jesus Christ saying, "Lord if
there is any way in your power, enter into this life and clean it up. I will dedicate the
rest of my life to live for you."  Immediately a peace and joy came over me and the
tears began to flow.  I could hardly drive to work and I didn't say a curse word all
day.  Something I hadn't done in 30 years.  Later that evening on the way home, I
stopped at my favorite old joint where I met my wife each monday to do some
shopping for the restaurant.  Instead of asking for a beer, I asked for a coke.  The
bartender looked straight at me and my wife asked me if I was sick.  God had
allowed me go back to that joint to prove I had been delivered.  The desire for
alcohol had left me.  I immediately began to witness and tell others what had
happened in my life.  

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