La Vernia Christian Teaching Center Church
    Counseling - By appointment with Pastor

    Intercessory Prayer
    Prayer for special needs.

    Jail, Hospital, Nursing Homes
    inistering to the needs of those who are out of the
    mainstream of life.

    Ladies Ministry
    Periodic meetings for women.

    Men's Ministry
    Periodic breakfasts, fellowships, advances.

    Little Lamb Nursery
    Childcare  for children 0-3 during church services.

    Chosen Children - Children's Ministry
    Anointed children's ministry for children ages 4 to 12.

    New Life Youth Ministries
    Weekly worship, teaching, and ministry for junior high &
    high schoolers.

           Gym Night
           Basketball, volleyball, concerts, games.
           Reaching young people for Jesus Christ.

    Fellowships -
    Dinners, picnics& banquets.

    Reaching out locally and supporting                    
    missionaries in foreign lands.
Church Ministries
Senior Pastors
Billy C. & Ruby Lee Moore
Ruby Lee Moore to Celebrate
85th Birthday

Ruby Lee Moore, co-pastor of La Vernia  Christian Teaching Center and
Administrator of Agape Christian Academy will be celebrating  85 years of life,
dedication and service to La Vernia.
Ruby was born and raised in La Vernia in 1929 on a small farm on the outskirts of
town. They had no electricity or running water and she remembers that life on the
farm was hard work for everyone.  At the age of 10, she began bagging groceries at
the local grocery store and dreamed of one day owning her own business.  In 1957
that dream came true, when Ruby had the opportunity to open her own restaurant
on Highway 87.  In the beginning it was a fast food restaurant serving burgers, fries
and sandwiches. Hi Way Haus quickly grew and expanded to include a full menu,
including breakfast and homemade pies baked by her Mother.
In 1964, construction for a much needed bridge over the Cib
olo Creek began. Ruby
made the acquaintance of Billy C. Moore, a crane operator working on the bridge
when he came in to eat at her restaurant.  They had much in common, fell in love
and were soon married.
Life was good and the restaurant continued to flourish. The small restaurant was
now a big restaurant with a drive thru grocery.  A beauty shop, ice house, oil and
pipe supply company and apartment complex  were added to their list of
businesses. The biggest blessing came at the birth of their son, William Charles, or
Bill, Jr. who is now Pastor of Livingway Family Church in Brownsville, Texas. Ruby is
also the proud grandmother of
9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
“God’s Hand had been in our businesses even before we knew Him.  He had
blessed us all along the way.  He had been training me to manage a business and
handle finances, because he was preparing us to work for Him” recalls Mrs. Moore.
“After 25 years of business, the Lord directed us to sell our businesses because He
had a higher calling for our lives”.
La Vernia Christian Teaching Center began with 30 chairs in the Moore’s garage and
grew to a large facility including the original chapel, Christian school, auditorium
and gymnasium. Agape Christian Academy opened its doors in 1983 with Bill, Jr as
the first Principal. Hundreds of students have attended and many have graduated
through the years.  Many of the students have attended college and are
professionals in their field today. What touches Mrs. Moore’s heart most are those
that are serving God because of the Christian education they received.
“We give God all the glory.  We stepped out by faith and He did the rest.  Without
Him it would have been impossible to accomplish anything” declares Mrs. Moore.
Ruby Moore says she loves people and to her everyone is a friend. Many have
come by to tell her how much they appreciate the church and the school and how
God has changed their lives.
La Vernia Christian Teaching Center will be holding a luncheon in honor of her 85th
birthday on Sunday, August 31st in the Fellowship Hall.  If you would like to attend,
please call the office at 830-779-6361. Come and help us celebrate!